Service Animal Registry of America (SARA) is proud to offer the following disability and service animal related designs on high quality gift items and apparel, in partnership with CafePress. We hope you will enjoy the offerings. Please note that the web images displayed are very low resolution images and do not detail the designs exactly like the product will. The store accepts Credit Cards, Check Cards, Checks, Money Orders, and PayPal.

People are using the bibs as capes for cats and small dogs and the infant t-shirts on cats, dogs and primates too. The Jr. T-Shirt works on lots of larger breed dogs. One caller said the apron worked well as an ID cape for her service pony with only minor modification. Keep in mind that the apparel is designed for the human body and some adjustments may be needed for animals. Some animals just cannot or will not wear gear, so we have some neat items to help you quickly be identified as a working team.

Recent travel delay problems have been associated with traditional capes and other gear setting off the security scanners. Some people have reported extreme delays. Our shirts/capes can help you get through security, without delays while attractively identifying your helper animal.

The retro lunchboxs are a stylish way to carry training items and treats and the aprons will save your good clothes on sloppy training days or during grooming. We have identification stickers, t-shirts and caps too. While these items are useful, you'll also be helping to educate the public, spread a positive message, and bring awareness to our wonderful family of service animals.

You'll find cards and postcards. These are a classy way to send complaints to a business that has caused you difficulty or a thank you to that store that always goes the extra mile. The postcards make great window alert signs too. They let emergency responders know a working animal is present; help discourage intruders; and shut up complaining apt. neighbors. And, if you have a therapy animal, they are nice reminders and thank you notes to send to places you visit. The Teddy Bears are collectors items and are only available for a limited time.

Visit often as we are adding new designs and products regularly. We'll try to have lots of different choices for you. Happy New Year! God Bless you all.

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#1 My Service Animal

# 2 Paws removing the dis in disabled.

# 3 God Bless the Service Animals

# 4Certified Service Animal On Duty

# 5 Certified Therapy Animal Pet Me

# 6 Service Animal - Simple!

# 7 Certified Service Animal - Certified Service Animal Trainer

# 8 Certified Therapy Animal - Healing Paws

# 9 USA Service Dog

# 10 Attractive Blonde seeks (Service Dog)

# 11 Heroes (Service Dog- Wheelchair)

# 12 Service Dog My Independence

# 13 Service Cat My Independence

# 14 Service Monkey My Independence

# 15 Service Pig My Independence

# 16 Service Horse My Independence

# 17 Service Animal - Civil Right

# 18 Discrimination

# 19 Service Animals United Plea
Let My People Go!

# 20 Service Animal Trainer

# 21 Service Animal In Training

# 22 Service Animal Access Required

# 23 Therapy Animal Please Permit Access

# 24 Americans with Disabilities Act
Read it - I am not a pet!

# 25 One More Time - Service Animals R't Pets

# 26 You can call me Service Animal

# 27 Service Dogs Have Heart

# 28 Service Cats are Purr-Fect

# 29 Service Animal Registry of America (SARA) Logo

# 30 Helper Monkey

# 31 Assistance Dog ON DUTY

# 39A Service Animal Lives Here

# 39B Disability Assistance Cat On Duty

# 39C Disability Assistance Dog On Duty

# 40 My Service Dog...

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*Proceeds benefit prison training programs that provide trained service animals to disabled individuals.


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